Success Stories

The Coaching Process works!  Since earning my Life Coach Certification, in 2005, I’ve tracked 650+ hours of working with one on one and group coaching sessions.  I am not one to ask for testimonials since it seems I would put a burden on clients to write one.  It is a part of being humble and wishing to keep sacred, the relationships my clients and I co-create.  However, I know that others wondering about me and my coaching expertise, might like to read what clients have shared about their experiences.  To protect anonymity, I add only initials to their writing.  My clients hold a special place in my heart.  When two or more are gathered, a greater energy seems to join in the conversations.  Dynamic and permanent changes can happen in a very short time together, and I’m grateful to have witnessed personal growth that not only deeply transforms my clients, but also all with whom they interact.  Please read and know that you, too, can create and live a life story you are proud to leave as your legacy.


I came to Holly on the advice of my counselor, looking for a career coach to help me with a stagnant job search.  She’s so much more!  Holly has guided me through re-examining and changing my entire life, and has become a good friend.

Holly is an attentive listener and sounding board – no subject was irrelevant – and I always felt that she understood where I was coming from and was invested in helping me determine and reach my goals.  Rather than telling me what I should do or be, she would ask thoughtful questions, suggest different ways of thinking, and give me projects to work on so I would come to my own conclusions.  With her guidance, I’ve come to see that things I’d been led to think were faults – being gifted, creative, curious, and having a different way of looking at things  – are actually great strengths that will take me far.

Her enthusiasm for her work and her clients is boundless – every time I learned or realized something, she was right there cheering me on.  In just three months together, Holly was able to help me see my life and talents from a new perspective that is taking me down paths that I never imagined before, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her!



My husband of 23 years, was verbally and emotionally abusive. I felt vulnerable, devalued and alone. I eased my pain by focusing my life around our two beautiful daughters.  I homeschooled them; we spent most of our time together.  Life was fun when the girls and I were together.

Then–My daughters became teenagers. They started to treat me the same way my husband treated me. The marital abuse intensified until my husband threatened to kill me.  I knew I had to do something.

I filed for divorce.  But, with no career, no confidence, and no self esteem, I needed a trusted voice to help me move through the fear I was feeling. I wanted to turn to my parents and sisters, but every time I did, I felt worse. They were sympathetic-that didn’t help. My friends helped me find a divorce lawyer; they didn’t know my pain. They didn’t know what I needed…neither did I. I wanted to survive and be free from this abusive man. They gave me lots of sympathy and lots of advice. It didn’t help me-it helped them feel like they were helping. One day, I saw an article in the paper that described my pain. It’s advice was:

“Find a Life Coach”.   And, I did-Holly. Holly felt like family, felt like friends; every time I left our call time together, I felt better than when I picked up the phone for our appointment! The coaching process and conversations are unique to this profession. 

I talked; Holly asked questions and listened-without interruption, judgment, or  advice.  I felt safe, accepted, and seen as whole, complete and resourceful.  She helped me see that I had the answers for what I wanted.

She helped me see where I was, where I wanted to go, and how to take action to get there.

She helped me believe that I could create a life of confidence, safety, and joy.

She helped me believe that I would thrive, not just survive.

Soon, I had wonderful things to celebrate, be proud of, and do. I had inner resources of spiritual , creative and emotional wisdom from which to draw,– and, to share with the world.

Today, I am standing on my own two feet!  I am building my own business, I’m feeling again..I learned that “numb” is not a feeling!  I learned that anger, disappointment, resentment and sadness are emotions felt by healthy women everywhere.  And, so are joy, freedom, and happiness.  

My life isn’t perfect.  I’ve learned that there is no such thing.  Life is full of all emotions and experiences.  It’s how I handle the emotions and experiences that make all the difference. I’ve made a difference in my life, and you can too.

Call your coach, share your story.  Together, you can rewrite that story into one of strength and independence.  You will ask yourself questions and you will listen and trust the answers.