Holly Crump, B.S., ICF Certified Life Coach and author of Stand Up | Stand Tall | Stand Strong.

She loves to create stimulating talks and workshops, and facilitate Café Conversations where participants discover how to make changes in dysfunctional patterns.

Holly specializes in professional women who want to break cycles of abuse.

These women want to make sustainable change in how women relate, support, and interact with themselves, their families, and their communities.

Often these women are mothers, teachers, and service professionals.

They may or may not have experienced cycles of abuse; yet, they find themselves curious about the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

Holly can focus on topics such as:


In Holly’s Own Words:

Speaking with people, one on one or in groups, is an exciting adventure for me. I embrace the opportunity to deliver a message the audience and I create together. It is always my intention for audiences to have increased self–awareness. I want to leave them knowing they can Stand up, Stand tall, and Stand Strong to live a life of joy, purpose and fulfillment. The more we know, the more we grow. Our personal power is determined by how well we know ourselves.

I believe women to be the portals of health and well-being for families and communities. We seem hard-wired to take on the role of caregiver and the one responsible for our culture’s well-being.

And, because this effort takes great focus on the needs of others, it is easy to forget to build a relationship with ourselves. But, without a strong sense of who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to be in this world, it is easier to play out the scripts handed us rather than writing our own. We follow traditions, beliefs and behaviors inherited from those who went before us. And, when those systems don’t serve us well, what do we do? Where do we turn?

Generally, women struggle with “Am I good enough, loveable, competent, or sane?”. We wait for external clues for our value and worth. We are often more comfortable waiting to be invited into conversations or given permission to engage in a risk. We don’t want to be described as bossy or worse.

It takes courage and confidence to build a strong enough voice that is soft enough for others to hear. And, just because it is difficult, doesn’t mean that we can afford to hide behind our fears. We can learn new skillsets, and with practice and support, we can turn cycles of dysfunction into cycles of success. Knowledge increases our capacity to create healthier family dynamics and become happier and more fulfilled in the process.

I look forward to sharing my journey with others wanting to bring a new legacy of health and wellness into their families. While I stay vulnerable and share my own story, it is my hope that others can see their own life stories playing out in their minds. They can walk away with at least one new tip to bring desired change into their lives. Patterns change one risk at a time, one conversation at a time, and one brave woman at a time.


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