About Me


I’m Holly H. Crump, a Certified Life Coach, and I love to work with professional women who are curious about their power, and how they can break old patterns that prevent them in a move forward. 

I help them to stand up, stand tall and stand strong.

My clients want to feel good about themselves, their accomplishments, and abilities. They want more from their lives, but don’t know where to begin. Often they have worked with therapists, they have read many self-help books, but they still feel stuck.

People around them, describe them as “having it all together”, but they sure do not feel that way. They often feel as an imposter; they are not as good as others think. As a self-defense mechanism, they tend to stay in the shadows, not taking risks, holding themselves back, and playing small. They become people pleasers, and work hard to be what everyone else wants them to be. They know they are being inauthentic.

I frequently hear new clients say:

“It’s so much easier to just be the person everyone thinks I am. But I hate it.”

“I don’t even know who my authentic self is anymore.”

“I don’t have the confidence to go after what I really want in life.”

As we look into our mirrors and wonder why we feel so trapped, we don’t realize that our fears are holding us hostage. Those fears can disappear as we break old patterns and awaken our power. The dramatic and permanent shifts many of us want in our lives are possible. We can change our realities.


Push the “reboot” button

It’s possible to make a permanent and dramatic shift in our thinking.

Regardless of where limiting beliefs originate, with a growth mindset and a sense of curiosity, my clients can start over and enjoy a new beginning…a fresh start. I offer my experience, my education, and my support while clients create a new life. They can live authentically and feel comfortable in their own skin. Their purpose becomes clear. The shadows disappear and the sun shines brightly on a new beginning.

I know that this is possible

Even after leaving an abusive marriage and turning my back on other toxic relationships, I continued to play life small and safe. The fear that held me hostage told me that successful people didn’t make mistakes. Successful people were just luckier, smarter or prettier. To compensate for not being lucky enough, smart enough, and pretty enough, my natural abilities to learn, to achieve, and to create had eroded my own health and happiness. I overworked myself to mental and physical exhaustion. My fears still held me captive. I had no idea that I had all of the power and ability to turn my life around to begin living an authentic life that shone of light and potential.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was hurting the people I loved most that I awoke to a new way of thinking. And that new way of thinking led to a new way of behaving. And that led to a new way of being. I went back to school to become a life coach with the mission to lead women out of dysfunctional family patterns.

My mission is to stop cycles of abuse, and to start healthy relationships with self, family and others.

Whether engaged in abusive relationships with others, or trapped in our own vicious internal cycles of abuse, we can all learn to Stand Up, Stand Tall, and Stand Strong.

We can find the courage and shift our thinking, and change our lives for generations to come.


We can turn each new day into a fresh start.

I would love to know more about you and how I can support you to awaken your power.

Let’s connect. Here are the services I offer.

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